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Japanese Curry House

HIDEN Japanese Curry Lab is a Japanese curry store opened in the foodie hotspot of the Coal Drops Yard at Kings Cross.

TAKAGICAPERAN took a very simple approach to its space design, with the iconic colour of the Japanese curry dish – “yellow”, setting an optimised “Laboratory” kitchen staged in a clean and minimalistic environment. “Hiden” means a secret recipe in Japanese with attention to details and unknown blend of spices. Here, the simplistic yet crafted application of yellow colour throughout the space is integrating all functional aspects of the preparation process, further celebrating the passion of food and the staging of the product. A curry sample gallery to the side wall, from the Japanese art of “Shokuhin Sanpuru”, is the sole indication of the iconic dishes.

The yellow back wall & front counter house the few signages present in the store with magnetic menu letters and neon lighting logo at the top. The side areas share dining counters where customers can enjoy their meal, seating on stools especially designed by TAKAGICAPERAN for Hiden.

Graphic Design by Kaori Kuroda

Location : London

Completion : 2020


Japanese Sushi Shop

TAKAGICAPERAN was commissioned to refurbish an independent Japanese sushi deli shop located in North London. The approach was to use plain raised grain pine as a feature material to translate the freshness and craftmenship behind the preparation of the traditional Japanese dish. The warm textured timber units are completed with black magnetic walls and a black feature back wall illustrating the world of Sushi Heads.

Wall illustration by Kana Tomono

Location : London

Completion : 2020


Coming soon

New interior design concept for a headquarter for Starry Mart.

Location: UK


Coming soon

New hotel guestroom interior design concept for Randor Hotel Sapporo.

Location: Sapporo, Japan


Coming soon

First project developped with our colleagues at MÀT.

New extension and full refurbishment of L’Hôtel de la Plage, sole 5 star hôtel of La Grande Motte, the iconic resort destination developed in the 50’s in the south of France.

Location: La Grande Motte, France

Clare V.

Pop up store at Le Bon Marché

“Los Angeles Rive Gauche” is a 2 months exhibition curated by Le Bon Marché which celebrates the thriving culture and lifestyle of the iconic City of Angels. Clare V. was invited as a feature guest to celebrate the laid-back yet crafted L.A. fashion sense. The Clare V. pop-up is situated in a key area on ground floor at the main corner entrance.
Takagicapéran’s approach was to create a joyful yet simple environment to showcase the bold and refined products. Timber and cream plinths allow for collections to be displayed while back wall units were dressed with iconic graphics to further showcase the accessory ranges.
An embossing station provides a bespoke finish to each items which can be personalised on demand.

Location : Paris


IMA is a Mediterranean restaurant located in the fashionable area of the Canal St Martin in Paris. The approach for the interior was to translate the unique values of the vegetarian & oriental recipes: fresh, honest and colourful. The open space is split in 2 main areas: the counter to the right and the seating area to the left.

The counter is one continuous workbench where preparation, display and till areas are seamlessly arranged to optimise their functions. The raw concrete blocks support a sleek white corian top with a freestanding timber shelf: a simple honest piece of furniture where customers can exchange with staff and see the live preparation of fresh homemade salads and dishes.

The seating area is composed of crafted timber banquette, shelves and communal table with vintage bright yellow school chairs. All bathed within warm and bright textures: stone and brick walls to either ends, mediterranean “tomette” tiles flooring and a bright feature back wall of colourful damascus tiles arranged in graphic layouts.

Location : Paris

Completion : 2016


GOURMET BAR London Bridge

The Gourmet Bar London Bridge marks a new approach for the public areas for the Novotel brand: an optimized Food and Beverage offer staged around an iconic central bar guiding customers throughout the open public areas. Personal, flexible and welcoming, the design aims to create a destination venue for hotel guests and locals alike that makes you want to relax, whether meeting for work, socializing with friends and colleagues, eating, drinking, or both. The bar offers authentic and simple food in an upbeat, premium casual environment with a buzzing atmosphere and is a connected social hub within the native community.
The Gourmet Bar by its very name and function is emphasizing the food offer within a drink theatre. It is therefore defined as “The Bar in the Kitchen”. A simple approach, iconic and adaptable which strives to express each time a specific sense of place of its Neighborhood through unique and relevant treatments, themes and actors.

Location : London

Completion : 2019



The Novotel Hotel York Centre marks the second stage of the Gourmet bar concept application to public areas. The principles established in Novotel London Bridge were applied to this 4-star family friendly leisure and business hotel. The full refurbishment included all public areas, bar, dining and reception area, as well as a light refurbishment of the meeting and conference facilities.

The look and feel was adapted to a warm, joyful and informal interior environment referring the Yorkshire kitchen. The use of bold colours to the bar reflects the vibrant natural palette of the Yorkshire moors while walkways in the lobby are laid with York stone around a central featured lounge area covered in a heather-like rug.

The natural flow invite customers to enter the restaurant passing by bespoke metal wall lamps featured on tiled wall, a reference to our kitchen theme and the carriage industry for which York was celebrated for during the heyday of steam trains. Takagicapéran further injected hints of this past with a brasserie approach for the restaurant: timber wall panelling, booth and banquette seating within an open space.

Location : York

Completion : 2019