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New hotel suite room design concept for Randor Hotel Sapporo.

Location: Sapporo, Japan


GOURMET BAR London Bridge

The Gourmet Bar London Bridge marks a new approach for the public areas for the Novotel brand: an optimized Food and Beverage offer staged around an iconic central bar guiding customers throughout the open public areas. Personal, flexible and welcoming, the design aims to create a destination venue for hotel guests and locals alike that makes you want to relax, whether meeting for work, socializing with friends and colleagues, eating, drinking, or both. The bar offers authentic and simple food in an upbeat, premium casual environment with a buzzing atmosphere and is a connected social hub within the native community.
The Gourmet Bar by its very name and function is emphasizing the food offer within a drink theatre. It is therefore defined as “The Bar in the Kitchen”. A simple approach, iconic and adaptable which strives to express each time a specific sense of place of its Neighborhood through unique and relevant treatments, themes and actors.

Location : London

Completion : 2019



The Novotel Hotel York Centre marks the second stage of the Gourmet bar concept application to public areas. The principles established in Novotel London Bridge were applied to this 4-star family friendly leisure and business hotel. The full refurbishment included all public areas, bar, dining and reception area, as well as a light refurbishment of the meeting and conference facilities.

The look and feel was adapted to a warm, joyful and informal interior environment referring the Yorkshire kitchen. The use of bold colours to the bar reflects the vibrant natural palette of the Yorkshire moors while walkways in the lobby are laid with York stone around a central featured lounge area covered in a heather-like rug.

The natural flow invite customers to enter the restaurant passing by bespoke metal wall lamps featured on tiled wall, a reference to our kitchen theme and the carriage industry for which York was celebrated for during the heyday of steam trains. Takagicapéran further injected hints of this past with a brasserie approach for the restaurant: timber wall panelling, booth and banquette seating within an open space.

Location : York

Completion : 2019


Women’s shoes multi brands area in TSUM Department store in Moscow

The approach is to create a central thin framed shoe box anchering the open space. Materials are key in this concept, with the architecure treated with light and transparent applications when closer to the products, fixture and furniture take a more textured, bright and refined assemblage.

Location : Moscow

Completion : ongoing

Layout revision


Residential project

Following the refurbishment of the Spitafields house, our client commissioned us to undertake the full renovation of a property in central Paris overlooking the Notre Dame Cathedral. The aim was to cleverly use the restricted surface and constraining openings on this listed building to simplify the volumes. The bedroom forms a timber block central to the layout, sheilding the bathroom from the main entrance and allowing for an open space area providing all functions. The iconic view can be enjoyed from the bedroom with integrated sliding doors allowing for intimicy when required.

Location : Paris

Completion : 2019


Coming soon

Third instalment of The Gourmet Bar F&B concept embracing Novotel’s new design direction – Accor UK.

Location: London


New co-work office competition for WOJO.

Wojo is my neighbourhood, with its square and park, its good addresses and nooks and crannies, which I appreciate and share with my neighbours.

The entrance space with its multiple accesses becomes the theatre of life of the neighbourhood, a place where it is good to meet and reunite with your neighbours over a coffee. In order to optimise the freedom of flow and to embody the open and dynamic spirit of Lille with its well-known bonhomie, the space proposed is young and stimulating, with the Wojo circular bar, l’Estaminet, at its center, which is not without evoking the festivals of the North. In this square, you will find all the actors of the neighbourhood life: the market stalls, street lamps and benches with studied comfort as well as the graffiti of a young and lively local community.

You can guess from the entrance, through the bay windows behind the Bar, the greenery of the neighbourhood park. This welcoming and luminous space offers various places of intimacy and help focus the attention for working. The spirit of the Ducasse is found here in a more poetic and gentle way through an architectural path of space with its central platform with various levels and shelters. A simple and fresh environment, with poetic and relevant notes that bring back this light serene stimulation.

Neighborhood life is also the good local addresses, the places we are proud to share the unique experiences of Lille: the spinning workshop celebrating the manufacturing heritage of Lille, the Club des 4, a cycling association founded by four friends who are fans of the 4 days of Dunkirk, or the Maison de la Culture, a cooperation for the promotion of the Ch’ti culture, etc… Dramatic spaces that stimulate the senses and physically invite visitors to actively participate and thus encourage human interaction.

Location : Lille, France



Revival of the accessories room of the Audley House, Mayfair, London,  for James Purdey & Sons.
Purdey is a quintessentially British gunmaker of London. Part of the Richemont group, Purdey supplies high-end bespoke sporting shotguns and rifles to a connoisseur clientele, including the British Royal family. Takagicapéran was approached to remodel the main entrance room which is to welcome the ever extending accessories family, while maintaining the englishness of this exclusive homely club. The accent was put on simplicity of volumes, efficiency of lighting and quality of the fittings.
A striking welcoming to the ‘Purdey Way’ bespoke experience.

Location : London

Completion : 2017


Vintage Kimono Shop

Independent vintage Kimono shop “FURUKI YO-KIMONO” is located in The Factory, a multi-purpose retail space set on Shacklewell lane in Dalston.

Location : London

Completion : 2020


New Art book room for the Shakespeare and company library

Following our ongoing relationship with the famous library in Paris, we have refurbished from scratch a room adjacent to the main library to house their collection of Art books. The aim was to create a new design while keeping a sense of belonging to the original store.

We created, specified and helped installing a marble mosaique floor with brass inserts to set the room. A mezzanine was constructed to make the best of the unfamiliar height and allow one of the tumbleweeds to use the space to write. You can find underneath it a cosy nook where you can comfortably browse the desired books. The walls on the other sides are covered with stacked bespoke bookcases that create a dynamic yet functional rhythm.

Location : Paris

Completion : 2018