The Shakespeare and Company library is an English-language bookshop in the heart of Paris, founded by George Whitman in 1951.

Takagicapéran has been working recently with his daughter Sylvia Whitman now running the store; our first collaboration was to improve the existing Antiquarian shop. Sylvia wanted to convey a more upscale feel to the Antiquarian, in line with the collectors’ book it offers. This refinement should be felt right from outside and not part from the existing look and feel of the main store.

Our proposal was to create cabinets that would regroup functions like tills, storage and hidden shelving at a lower level, and use upper visible parts as displays. The two displays are positioned on either side of the entrance, facing the two main windows. The thin brass glass cabinet allows for upmost visibility to the inside of the store while bringing the required refined feel to the furniture. The satin brass work was developed to allow for a striking, graphic and flexible layout of the shelving, allowing for divers sizes of books to be displayed. These light satin brass glass cabinets rest on matt pale blue lacquered wood cabinets, in reference to traditional English cabinet making. The till is embracing this design and incorporate to its front another lower brass glass cabinet. A black matt leather inlay allows for a literary worktop.

Location : Paris

Completion : 2015