Japanese Curry House

HIDEN Japanese Curry Lab is a Japanese curry store opened in the foodie hotspot of the Coal Drops Yard at Kings Cross.

TAKAGICAPERAN took a very simple approach to its space design, with the iconic colour of the Japanese curry dish – “yellow”, setting an optimised “Laboratory” kitchen staged in a clean and minimalistic environment. “Hiden” means a secret recipe in Japanese with attention to details and unknown blend of spices. Here, the simplistic yet crafted application of yellow colour throughout the space is integrating all functional aspects of the preparation process, further celebrating the passion of food and the staging of the product. A curry sample gallery to the side wall, from the Japanese art of “Shokuhin Sanpuru”, is the sole indication of the iconic dishes.

The yellow back wall & front counter house the few signages present in the store with magnetic menu letters and neon lighting logo at the top. The side areas share dining counters where customers can enjoy their meal, seating on stools especially designed by TAKAGICAPERAN for Hiden.

Graphic Design by Kaori Kuroda

Location : London

Completion : 2020