GOURMET BAR London Bridge

The Gourmet Bar London Bridge marks a new approach for the public areas for the Novotel brand: an optimized Food and Beverage offer staged around an iconic central bar guiding customers throughout the open public areas. Personal, flexible and welcoming, the design aims to create a destination venue for hotel guests and locals alike that makes you want to relax, whether meeting for work, socializing with friends and colleagues, eating, drinking, or both. The bar offers authentic and simple food in an upbeat, premium casual environment with a buzzing atmosphere and is a connected social hub within the native community.
The Gourmet Bar by its very name and function is emphasizing the food offer within a drink theatre. It is therefore defined as “The Bar in the Kitchen”. A simple approach, iconic and adaptable which strives to express each time a specific sense of place of its Neighborhood through unique and relevant treatments, themes and actors.

Location : London

Completion : 2019