New co-work office competition for WOJO.

Wojo is my neighbourhood, with its square and park, its good addresses and nooks and crannies, which I appreciate and share with my neighbours.

The entrance space with its multiple accesses becomes the theatre of life of the neighbourhood, a place where it is good to meet and reunite with your neighbours over a coffee. In order to optimise the freedom of flow and to embody the open and dynamic spirit of Lille with its well-known bonhomie, the space proposed is young and stimulating, with the Wojo circular bar, l’Estaminet, at its center, which is not without evoking the festivals of the North. In this square, you will find all the actors of the neighbourhood life: the market stalls, street lamps and benches with studied comfort as well as the graffiti of a young and lively local community.

You can guess from the entrance, through the bay windows behind the Bar, the greenery of the neighbourhood park. This welcoming and luminous space offers various places of intimacy and help focus the attention for working. The spirit of the Ducasse is found here in a more poetic and gentle way through an architectural path of space with its central platform with various levels and shelters. A simple and fresh environment, with poetic and relevant notes that bring back this light serene stimulation.

Neighborhood life is also the good local addresses, the places we are proud to share the unique experiences of Lille: the spinning workshop celebrating the manufacturing heritage of Lille, the Club des 4, a cycling association founded by four friends who are fans of the 4 days of Dunkirk, or the Maison de la Culture, a cooperation for the promotion of the Ch’ti culture, etc… Dramatic spaces that stimulate the senses and physically invite visitors to actively participate and thus encourage human interaction.

Location : Lille, France